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I forgot my password and/or my account information, what can I do to get them back?

To request your needed account information, please select the “Missing Account Info” department on the support section of our website which you can find here: .

On the left side, you will find a button named "Request for lost account information".

Click on this button and enter all known information into the custom fields that will appear.

  • Please explain your inquiry in detail in the message body.
  • For security reasons, we ask you to not put any account information into the message body.
  • We will automatically use the data you put into the custom fields.

It is possible that we may have to ask you additional security questions to make sure you are the account holder of the account that you have lost the information of.

This additional information may be:

- Account's creation date: dd/mm/yyyy
- E-mail address used when registering the account (do you still have access to this address?)
- Details of Nexon Cash purchase:
- Method of payment:
- Date and Time: mm / dd / yyyy xx: xx
- Transaction ID (xxxxxxxxx_xxxxxxxx)
- Your IP address ( :
- Your country

Notice: If possible, please provide us with a screenshot (*.jpeg or *.bmp) of the invoice bill.


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